The Beginning

Founder Mr. Kawaljit Singh established a foothold in diamond business in 1978 through Amar Diamonds. Later on once the business prospered Singh Diamonds was established in 1986. The motive was to establish a 100% export oriented firm. While achieving the feats we ensured that all the process are developed in house to ensure a consistent quality control.

Apart from delivering the GIA Standards of 4 C’s i.e. Carat, cut, color clarity’ Singh Diamonds has created its own 4 C of Consistency, Creativity, Craftmanship, Control. Singh diamonds has been committed to producing diamonds that pay homage to its name sake.

Singh diamonds ensures that the diamonds are manufactured through ethical business practices that create trust in our product. Our commitment to quality, cutting edge technology and impeccable workmanship continue to result in world class delivery.

“Manufacturing Diamonds might be a production process but for us it is a work of ART, every diamond created has to be better than the predecessor.”

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The reason behind the success and stability of Singh Diamonds is the proud manufacturing capacity. We are one of the few companies in India who has 100% In-House production capacity. Every diamond goes through a specific process designed and passes through the rigorous checks & processes set by the founder.

1.Manufacturing skills

As emphasized earlier, our primary focus is in manufacturing, thus enabling us to provide consistent supply to our polished diamond dealers and jewellery clients. Our state-of the-art factories are both efficient and innovative, constantly being upgraded to improve our production to meet the highest technical skills. Our production range includes rounds (from 0.18pts to 10.00cts) to fancy cut diamonds (from 0.40pts to 10.00cts).

2.Manufacturing technology

Quality is the foundation upon which we strive to meet the highest standards for cutting and polishing each diamond in our care. Our manufacturing capabilities are updated on a regular basis. We have integrated some of the most innovative and sophisticated systems within the diamond manufacturing sphere.

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Human Resource Management

Through our ever-active team of global buyers and manufacturing centers, we are able to procure goods to the markets worldwide, in large quantities/qualities and fulfill our customers’ demands in a consistent and timely manner.

Employee benefits

We have constantly sought to provide our employees a platform which takes care of much more than their essential needs, capturing not just the basic financials, but lucrative and motivating incentives, as well as providing exemplary health and safety standards.

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Why Singh Diamonds?

The different stages of the diamond cutting and polishing procedure have been planned efficiently in such a way that the best quality diamonds can be produced at minimum manufacturing cost. This effectively translates into lower wastage hence effectively reducing the overall cost and we bring you diamonds at the right price.

Direct supply :-

We strive to reach directly to our customers, resulting in further reducing the cost of the middlemen and change of hands. Once with us, the customers wouldn’t prefer to go anywhere else and our esteemed list of customers for last 40 years is in itself a testimony.

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All Diamonds Tracked from Rough

We can attest that every stone in our inventory comes from conflict-free mines or trusted, non-conflict sources. All of the diamonds we polish are tracked from rough to sale and we are committed to building a sustainable industry that benefits all of its participants. Our clients are able to access information about diamonds being processed in our factory from the comfort of their offices. Additional facilities provided to our customers are Canada mark program.

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