All Diamonds Tracked from Rough

We can attest that every stone in our inventory comes from conflict-free mines or trusted, non-conflict sources. All of the diamonds we polish are tracked from rough to sale and we are committed to building a sustainable industry that benefits all of its participants. Our clients are able to access information about diamonds being processed in our factory from the comfort of their offices. Additional facilities provided to our customers are Canada mark program.

Canada mark

Every CanadaMark diamond carries a promise of purity, responsibility and authenticity.

The CanadaMark hallmark is owned by Dominion Diamond Corporation, Canada’s largest independent diamond mining company. We put our mark on each diamond to give you confidence in its origin and history.


CanadaMark diamonds are among the most responsibly sourced diamonds in the world, mined and processed in ways that benefit local communities and maintain a high standard of environmental stewardship.