The Beginning

Founder Mr. Kawaljit Singh established a foothold in diamond business in 1978 through Amar Diamonds. Later on once the business prospered Singh Diamonds was established in 1986. The motive was to establish a 100% export oriented firm. While achieving the feats we ensured that all the process are developed in house to ensure a consistent quality control.

Apart from delivering the GIA Standards of 4 C’s i.e. Carat, cut, color clarity’ Singh Diamonds has created its own 4 C of Consistency, Creativity, Craftmanship, Control. Singh diamonds has been committed to producing diamonds that pay homage to its name sake.

Singh diamonds ensures that the diamonds are manufactured through ethical business practices that create trust in our product. Our commitment to quality, cutting edge technology and impeccable workmanship continue to result in world class delivery.

“Manufacturing Diamonds might be a production process but for us it is a work of ART, every diamond created has to be better than the predecessor.”


To provide the utmost quality diamonds at the cheapest possible cost.


To reach out to our customers and satisfy them with the quality of our product.

Increase the manufacturing capacity and become the largest in-house manufacturers of the cut diamond in India

To become Asia’s largest supplier of cut diamonds, and achieve that without sacrificing the values of Integrity, passion and meticulous work of Art.

Objectives of the Business
  • Engage in ethical and legal business
  • Professional approach in the forms of corporate governance
  • Inclusive growth & participation of the team
  • Establish a conflict free environment for business
Our Strengths
  • Financial strength and stability
  • 'Stable' rough supplies
  • Understanding of market dynamics
  • Good quality and size range from in-house production