The reason behind the success and stability of Singh Diamonds is the proud manufacturing capacity. We are one of the few companies in India who has 100% In-House production capacity. Every diamond goes through a specific process designed and passes through the rigorous checks & processes set by the founder.

1.Manufacturing skills

As emphasized earlier, our primary focus is in manufacturing, thus enabling us to provide consistent supply to our polished diamond dealers and jewellery clients. Our state-of the-art factories are both efficient and innovative, constantly being upgraded to improve our production to meet the highest technical skills. Our production range includes rounds (from 0.18pts to 10.00cts) to fancy cut diamonds (from 0.40pts to 10.00cts).

2.Manufacturing technology

Quality is the foundation upon which we strive to meet the highest standards for cutting and polishing each diamond in our care. Our manufacturing capabilities are updated on a regular basis. We have integrated some of the most innovative and sophisticated systems within the diamond manufacturing sphere.

  1. Sarine galaxy 1000
  2. Sarinequazer

I.Sarine galaxy 1000

The Galaxy™ 1000 is the world-leading product for the fully automated detection and mapping of internal features in rough diamonds. The Galaxy™ 1000 can scan most rough diamonds and accurately maps all the inclusions in the diamond regardless of their type, size, and location


The Quazer™ is an advanced high quality, green laser diamond sawing and shaping system, offering the combined benefits of high productivity and profitability, low risk of breakage and flexibility cutting profiles. The Quazer™ offers the best diamond processing value in the market.

Making all this possible is our team of trained craftsmen who are regularly monitored. Each member is trained, tested, appraised, evaluated and re-evaluated before and during his employment ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and quality. At Singh diamonds quality of diamonds is more emphasized than the production.